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Happy days

Very calming and happy :) I really like the flute, both the sound and what it's playing, better get that VTS :D

I can really picture the whole train-thingie, now I come to think of it, the drums kinda sound like a train.. :P

Great job!

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. loltypo VST... :D Yeah, just search mini DiZi in KVRaudio.com
It's limited in terms of diversity, it only does the flute sound, but I just love how it does it really well, perfect for nostalgic songs. I really like the train effect from the drum break, although I'll probably turn the volume down a little bit and give it a little more variation. Cheers for the review.

Have I head this before? :O

Hmm.. The beginning of the solo was a little dissonant for my taste, you landed some lines on some rather (IMO) weird notes (I'm no fan of +11 :P). Then it got better. The middle-part was nice, maybe a little bland (mashing thirds for example). The parts without drums were in y opinion the most tasteful ones. Some parts were kinda "look, I know the blues scale"-ish, while others were more in my taste :)

There's two things I think you should do; move away from A-minor ;). I've not heard everything you play, but of what I've heard, everything is A-minor. Second thing, I think you should try improvising on the chords a little more, not just play a fitting blues scale. For example, try sticking alot to the thirds and sevenths of whatever chord you're on. I think you would evolve as a musician if you did these two things.

Jurian responds:

I know what you mean, but I'm in my second year of piano lessons now, I agree with you on the chord part. I just like A minor, so if you like to see me play in another blues scale PM me and I'll make you a song =P ain't that super cool


I agree, the mixing could have been better, but over all, I like :)

SolusLunes responds:



Very soothing indeed. Maybe not very interesting, but I guess that's the point of soothing music :P

Add some change in there and you got yourself a nice track :)

Liking it

Very nice, very nice indeed. It's always with some nice live music (as in recorded). But where's the guitar solo? :)

CyriltheWolf responds:

He didn't want to. *shrug* We planned on him doing a chord solo, but he opted out at the last minute.

Nice :)

I like it ;)
The harpischord gave it a nice touch, and I like the drums. The sitar (if that's what it's called) had a little too much reverb in my opinion. Minor, but I just thought the contrast was a bit too big, it's probably just me though.

You managed to keep it interesting the whole way through, great job! :)

Well on the way

Well, a litte "unproduced", if you will :P, but I like it :)
I like the beginning part, the not-so-distorted one, the best. Especially the second times it comes around, the lead has that crispyness to it :)

Definately potential in this song, I'd say :D

pitbulljones responds:

hey hey, aye its a bit rough and raw this, as mentioned in comments just working on getting guitar back in with my usb pedal. hmmm i prefer the second on this, though it's perfectly harmless whichever way you look at it. I may develop it one day i'm unsure. many thanks for the review.


Funky! :)

Totally sweet :D
Check out my game, featuring your music :)

brewbeer responds:

I have and I liked it liked it.


I really like the groove :)
Awesome, frankly :P


I really like it, it's really relaxing, and kinda dreamy. I really like the very beginning, with the storm sounds and all :)

Great work.


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